Winston-Salem, NC Elegant Large Event Venue With Elegant Ballroom: Space Update

Published November 8, 2023

The award-winning center has overseen upgrades to its suite of elegant ballrooms and facilities for events of all kinds. Part of its service updates is a dedicated event design team, which helps clients plan and organize the logistical aspects of both small and large occasions.

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Meridian Convention Center's event planning division can assist couples, families, or organizations in developing their visions and ideas for special occasions. It manages all aspects of logistics while ensuring that the creative touches and interior dressing match a client's style and the tone of a gathering.

The center has played host to hundreds of weddings over recent years. In addition to traditional American-style celebrations, Meridian has become a popular choice for the Indian, South Asian, Latino, Hispanic, and Pakistani communities in the area. The event planning team brings a deep respect for the traditions of North Carolina's rich cultural mix.

Clients can choose from the center's large selection of halls. Each room has a unique aesthetic appeal but can be customized and decorated to match the timbre of any occasion.

One of the center's most popular options is the Valencia Ballroom. With 6,500 feet of floor space and the facility to comfortably host a banquet for 150 to 200 guests, this hall offers adequate space without sacrificing the intimacy needed for special birthday or wedding celebrations.

There is a 16 x 9 feet staging area that makes an excellent focal point for proceedings - be that a head table or a space for musical ensembles. The polished ceramic flooring is complemented by seven chandeliers, additional LED lights in the ceiling, and the option to hire extra decorative lighting too.

The Valencia is furnished with a dedicated prep kitchen - complete with a microwave and fridge-freezer - as well as a private dressing room and a restroom.

The venue has an open vendor policy, allowing clients to bring in any external providers for things like catering or entertainment. For those who are looking for some ideas, Meridian can provide a list of recommended vendors.

A spokesperson says, "With a team of seasoned professionals who delight in creating superlative celebrations, our banqueting halls can accommodate your needs for a variety of social and business functions. A mix of ballrooms perfectly caters to wedding-related rehearsal, ceremony, cocktails, and reception functions."

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