VideoCardz AI Video Content Creation Tool For Explainers, 2024 Software Launch

Published February 17, 2024

VideoCardz offers a fast and easy-to-use AI-driven video creation and rendering platform, built around the delivery of SEO-forward content capable of generating leads passively. The software has been successfully deployed in its pre-launch phase, and will arrive on the general market on February 15th, 2024.

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The software suite functions by providing marketers with a toolkit of pre-made assets and AI tools that are capable of developing highly informative, compelling video content in minutes. In its initial deployment, the software was able to outperform a human marketer in both short and long-term lead generation.

This toolkit has been developed to bolster a growing field of AI-assisted marketing tools, many of which have proven highly effective for SEO and direct outreach campaigns. Video in particular has been shown to be extremely effective in boosting lead generation campaigns, with over 83% of marketing professionals citing video content as being among their top priority going into 2024.

To assist in this process, VideoCardz offers marketers the ability to transform pre-existing marketing copy into video content through a simple copy-paste process. From there, the AI will auto-generate explainer videos featuring a slate of customizable characters, rendering finished content in under 5 minutes.

VideoCardz has been designed to forgo many of the more technically intensive aspects that some AI generators use, instead deploying the technology in a more user-friendly way. In this way, businesses of all types and marketers of all experience levels are able to work VideoCardz into their sales strategies.

In its development and testing period, the software was successfully used to generate front facing content such as tutorial and walk-through videos, affiliate promotions, lead generation videos, and B2B sales content. However, the versatility and open-ended nature of the VideoCardz software leaves the door open to other possibilities as well.

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