Vail, AZ Solar Panel Maintenance Email Newsletter: Tips For Homeowners Launched

Published November 26, 2023

The email newsletter was created to provide assistance to homeowners in Tucson and the surrounding areas after the author recognized a pressing issue: alarming sales techniques, high-pressure marketing tactics, and confusing technical jargon used by sales reps leading homeowners to invest poorly or misunderstand the systems they get installed. Now it has been updated to address solar panel maintenance as well as installation.

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The Tucson Solar Insider newsletter is dedicated solely to solar panels in Tucson and the local region - including Vail, Green Valley, Marana, and the Catalina Foothills. Subscribers get access to 10 questions that sales reps hate answering, expert insight into the best solar companies locally, and more.

Solar power continues to expand at an impressive rate nationwide, explains Tucson Solar Insider. According to statistics from USA Facts, the United States had over 3.9 million solar systems installed by the end of 2022. This reflects a 37% average annual growth since 2005 as solar technology improves and costs decline.

However, the increase in solar companies and reps canvassing neighborhoods can lead to pushy sales tactics and confusing information, the newsletter explains. Tucson Solar Insider provides homeowners with tips and insights to make sure they get the full picture when speaking with sales teams.

Upon subscribing, readers immediately receive a list of pointed questions to ask any solar sales rep to understand the full scope of an offer or contract, preventing hidden fees or details from coming as a surprise in the future.

The newsletter also offers a frequently updated list of the top solar companies in Tucson based on service, pricing, and panel quality. By combining regular email updates with a library of solar resources, the newsletter empowers subscribers to make the most informed decisions for their homes.

The Tucson Solar Insider was founded by Commander Curtis, a retired naval officer who encountered first-hand the challenge of parsing through complex solar offers. He states: "I have a unique position because of my love for Tucson, my love for going solar, my love for honesty and integrity, and my love for sales. I know not only a lot about the systems, how they are designed, installed, and all that, but also a lot about the sales techniques - more like tactics - that can be deployed."

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