Utility Bill Auditing Tool For Logistics Companies To Reduce Energy Costs Update

Published March 12, 2024

The newly announced approach to energy efficiency helps logistics companies reduce consumption to save on monthly expenses. Recession Resister lowers overhead costs for more streamlined business operations and improved profit margins.

More information is available at https://recessionresister.com

At a time when inflation and geopolitical unrest are impacting global supply chains, many logistics companies are looking toward advancements in technologies as a way of driving efficiencies. A new service provided by expense reduction tool Recession Resister offers logistics companies real-time visibility into inefficient energy consumption and wasteful spending. Their bill auditing tool scans years' worth of utility bills to identify mistakes and overages which they then have refunded. The company's energy efficiency program reduces energy consumption from HVAC systems and walk-in coolers and freezers, saving between 10 - 30 percent on energy costs and providing a 12-month ROI.

"We know that any amount of money saved in today's climate can have a tremendous impact on the health of your business," says a spokesperson for Recession Resister. "Our Bill Saver energy efficiency products and solutions reduce energy consumption, thereby lowering overhead costs."

Recession Resister's cost-cutting services are manifold. The company combines smart technologies with a team of seasoned negotiations experts to audit commercial utility bills, including gas, electric, telecom, and water/sewer to uncover posting mistakes, redundancies, outdated charges, incorrect meter reads, and unnecessary minimum charges. Once these errors have been identified, Recession Resister's negotiations team has them refunded on behalf of their clients for long-term savings.

The team also monitors industry rates to ensure their clients are not being overcharged for telecommunications and energy use, and will contact the provider on behalf of their client to have overblown rates lowered. If there's a provider offering more cost-efficient services, the negotiations team can switch their clients without impacting the services they're accustomed to.

Energy consumption reduction products such as the IntelliHVAC reduce both CO2 emissions and energy costs. IntelliHVAC uses a combination of post-surge and compressor-cycle technologies for heating and cooling systems to reduce compressor cycles by 20 percent, also extending the life of the equipment.

The IntelliHVAC is one of four different energy reduction solutions that can offer logistics companies the cost relief they're looking for.

By combining bill auditing software with expert negotiations services, Recession Resister is using technology to provide a path toward overhead savings for concerned logistics and freight forwarding companies.

Learn more at https://recessionresister.com

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