Utility Bill Auditing Service For Car Dealerships' Budget Sustainability Updated

Published April 16, 2024

With its expanded service, the team is pleased to be helping car dealerships across the United States reduce their overheads and bills so that they can maximize their savings potential and increase their profitability margins.

More information is available at https://recessionresister.com/

Recession Resister offers its specialized service following another slump in the car sales market in January and February this year. As the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) recently revealed, the average gross profit margin on a new car sale for a dealership is now around 3.9%. However, as they explained, this rate is also skewed by dealerships that sell highly-priced luxury cars and that operate in particularly affluent areas.

What this means is that on a standardly priced new car of $40,000, the average dealership will make gross $1,500, or less. Given that, even in a strong market, most dealerships will statistically only sell a little over two cars a day, according to Statista. Recession Resister appreciates that for the average dealership, budget sustainability is a challenge.

With their bill auditing service, Recession Resister will therefore help a dealership lower their operating expenses by auditing their major bills for them. Their team specializes in the main utilities: energy, water/sewer and natural gas, as well as telecommunication bill reductions. However, they also have experience in auditing security, pest control, water delivery, payroll bills, and more, and they encourage dealerships to inquire about any type of bill they wish to audit and negotiate.

In addition to scouring years' worth of prior bills for errors that can be refunded to a dealership, Recession Resister will also negotiate with a dealership's providers - using both their market knowledge, negotiation know-how, and collective bargaining power - to bring a dealership's costs down.

A spokesperson for their team of experienced bill auditors and negotiators said, "An audit will make sure you are receiving accurate billing from your providers. Not only is it possible to get money back that you've already paid, but we can also correct errors on future bills to ensure future reductions. Working with us is the easiest way to decrease monthly expenses and give yourself a competitive advantage."

To make things easier for car dealerships, Recession Resister has a smart bill upload system and they are offering their services on a contingency basis, which means there are no upfront costs.

As their spokesperson added, "When you save, we make money. If we can't save you money, we don't charge you. It's that simple."

For more information, visit https://recessionresister.com/

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