USDA Revolution: Saving Small Farm by Starting at the Beginning

Published February 17, 2024

For far too long, the decline of small- and mid-sized farming has been a bitter pill swallowed by many, including secretaries of agriculture. But Tom Vilsack, with a steely resolve, declares "no more." He refuses to tolerate the slow demise of these farming heroes, recognizing their value as the heartbeat of American agriculture.

Secretary Vilsack's words echo with a promise of change, a commitment to transforming the narrative surrounding small-to-mid-sized farmers. His manifesto isn't just a list of ideals; it's a blueprint for action, with a focus on climate-smart partnerships that guarantee sustained growth and security.

Tom Vilsack's manifesto is clear in its intent, concise in its goals, compelling in its potential impact, and credible in its commitment to tangible results. To begin he must turn to history. T H. Harbinger books fill this historical need.

In the annals of agricultural history, a prevailing idea echoed by secretaries of agriculture was stark: "You've got one option -- you can get big or you can get out." However, Tom Vilsack challenges this age-old paradigm. He emphatically declares that there's a second option for small or mid-sized producers.

T H. Harbinger's America's Dairyland takes the reader through the story of Doug Lenz, a small farmer facing pressure to conform to the 'get big or get out' mantra. Discover how Doug's efforts to follow the path of getting bigger. Get Big or Get Out is doomed if Big Food Companies can control prices using the same USDA policy set to protect small farmers.

Central to understanding this paradigm shift away from 1970s farm policy is delving into the works of T. H. Harbinger, whose books serve as key guides for shaping the next US Farm Bill. Harbinger's insightful narratives unravel the complexities of agricultural history, offering a roadmap that challenges outdated norms and fosters a diversified, resilient farming landscape.

With Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack's unwavering commitment to small-to-mid-sized farmers, it's clear that a paradigm shift is underway. The era of decline is giving way to a new chapter - one where partnerships for climate-smart commodities become the pillars supporting the growth and security of American agriculture.

So, let the world take note: Tom Vilsack has sounded the trumpet, signaling not just change but a revolution in the fields. No longer will small- and mid-sized farmers be relegated to the sidelines; their story is one of growth, sustainability, and unyielding security. In the words of T. H. Harbinger, to have a fair conversation about future farm policy must begin with its history and the resulting damage to small farms. See:

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