US Heavy Duty Headache Racks For Dodge & Chevrolet: Truck Accessories Update

Published May 10, 2024

The firm's latest headache racks, also referred to as cab racks, are now offered with a three-year workmanship and materials warranty, an affirmation of the extra hard-wearing construction. The racks feature 3/16-inch louvres for more effective cab protection and are available in both black and white finish.

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Go Industries states that it can now produce headache racks to fit almost any year, model, or make of truck, including Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, and Toyota. The full line of truck accessories are available for purchase through the company's web store.

"Our latest headache racks are constructed for durability and extra heavy-duty use," a company representative explained. "We now have almost 90,000 sq ft of fabrication space and state-of-the-art computer-controlled equipment, and all our products come with our industry-leading warranties."

The origin of the term 'headache rack' is not entirely clear, with most sources suggesting that it stems from the prevention of tools/equipment flying through the rear window of a cab, while others state that the cross-bars can cause a headache when a person in the rear of the truck stands up too quickly. Some people now refer to these items as cab racks, although this term is more commonly used for big rig trucks.

As a specialist in pickup truck accessories for over 45-years, Go Industries states that it prefers to continue using the title headache rack for its latest line of products. In addition to the new heavy duty headache racks, the firm also offers a flat iron rack.

About Go Industries

First established in 1978, Go Industries is now one of the most well-established producers of pickup truck accessories in the US. The firm operates three fabrication facilities in Clifton and Richardson, Texas, with a 63,000 sq ft warehouse also located in Richardson.

"I recently ordered one of Go Industries' headache racks for my work truck, and I had a tracking number the very same day," one client recently stated. "I installed it last weekend, and it looks great. I'm now planning to order one of their ranchers as well."

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