Types And Stages Of Hearing Loss, Primary Management Device Guide Released

Published April 23, 2024

"What To Expect When Experiencing Hearing Loss" has been authored by the team at Nano Hearing Aids and checked by Lindsay Roberts, AuD, a well-known US audiologist and hearing expert. In the guide, Nano Hearing Aids gives readers a comprehensive overview of the cause, types and stages of hearing loss, including advice on both its impacts and solutions.

More information is available at https://nanohearingaids.com/blogs/news/what-to-expect-when-experiencing-hearing-loss

In addition to making and retailing affordable and nearly invisible OTC hearing aids for adults over 18 with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss, Nano Hearing Aids is pleased to be becoming an increasing source of hearing advice for individuals who are seeking free, professional quality hearing advice online.

The team at Nano understands that most people now go online for advice about health and well-being, and they are committed to bringing their shoppers audiologist-approved advice and information about hearing loss.

In "What To Expect When Experiencing Hearing Loss", Nano Hearing Aids covers the common causes of hearing loss and describes the different types of hearing loss, including conductive, sensorineural and mixed hearing loss. In clear and understandable terms, they explain what these various types of hearing loss sound like, helping readers better understand what is happening to their own hearing.

Nano also details the stages or common progression of hearing loss, again with a view to helping readers best understand what is happening to their hearing, and advising them what solutions are available.

As their new guide states, Nano Hearing Aids encourages anyone who is finding themselves having difficulty understanding spoken words, frequently requesting people to repeat themselves, turning up the volume of electronic devices, having difficulty during phone conversations, suffering from hearing fatigue and stress or withdrawing from social situations, to consider trying over-the-counter hearing aids.

"Over-the-counter hearing aids can be a great way to address and alleviate hearing loss. Generally speaking," a representative for Nano said. "OTC hearing aids are the fastest, easiest, and most affordable method of addressing perceived mild or moderate hearing loss."

Nano Hearing Aids emphasizes that people who are suffering from more profound hearing loss and hearing loss symptoms like dizziness and/or tinnitus should always seek professional help.

For more information, visit https://nanohearingaids.com/

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