Trusted Live Options Trading Education: Mentoring For Amateur Day Traders Update

Published November 8, 2023

The move expands MIC's extensive coaching syllabus with fresh approaches to generating consistent profits in the intraday market. With a suite of innovative training tools, designed by elite-level traders, the platform is changing the face of learning for stock market hopefuls.

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The recently added modules help beginners overcome some of the challenges of day trading options. With strategies that counteract the lack of price movement caused by the time value component of options and the reduced liquidity of this market, MIC subscribers are shown how to focus on near-month and in-the-money options to maximize liquidity and limit the bid-ask spreads.

One of the advantages of day trading options is that they help traders limit risk exposure while still offering significant potential for consistent returns. The fixed expiration dates that accompany options and futures enable opportunities from fluctuations in stock prices within a single trading day, avoiding the risks of longer-term positions.

Subscribers are introduced to some of the foundational concepts and techniques behind options trading. This includes 'The Greeks' - mathematical calculations such as Delta, Theta, and Vega which are used to measure the risk of a particular option. MIC coaches help members understand how these tools are used to identify the relationship between the price of an underlying asset and the option, pinpoint directional bias, Theta time decay, and how Vega graphs can be used to visualize the impact of changes in volatility.

Coaching is delivered via several channels - MIC's premium mentorship program offers subscribers one-to-one and group sessions with elite-level traders - an opportunity to ask questions and have their trades reviewed. A series of weekly webinars provides live market recaps while the newly-launched live trading room gives members an over-the-shoulder view of professional traders at work, complete with real-time commentary.

All webinars and workshops are recorded and stored as part of the platform's extensive learning management system. This large video encyclopedia contains a comprehensive body of teaching on virtually every topic relating to a career in day trading.

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