Toronto High-Density Mobile Shelving For Libraries & Universities: Range Update

Published November 23, 2023

The company's expanded shelving product line encompasses a range of options for different storage needs, including a specialized range of static cantilever shelving and high-density mobile shelving storage solutions, suitable for the dynamic environment of university libraries.

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Spacesaver offers the updated shelving products as part of its continued goal of providing high-density, mobile, and secure storage options for library collections in various academic environments. Their high-density, mobile storage systems allow for a significant increase in storage capacity, thereby making more room for study areas and technology stations. This, combined with the versatility of cantilever shelving, can help modernize a library's layout and contribute to efficiency.

A recent study from the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) shows the growing need for adaptive and space-efficient storage in academic libraries. To help educational institutions make the most of their space, Spacesaver offers a range of scalable and customizable storage solutions. According to a company spokesperson, the static cantilever shelving is particularly versatile, allowing for easy reconfiguration and expansion to accommodate growing collections.

Spacesaver's high-density mobile storage systems are accessible and enable libraries to store the same amount of books in half the footprint, or double their storage capacity within the same space. This can be useful for libraries looking to modernize their facilities or expand their collections without the need for additional space or extensive renovations.

For libraries seeking to preserve rare or delicate collections of books, manuscripts, and other objects, Spacesaver offers specially designed shelving solutions that provide the necessary protection and care. These systems ensure that valuable and sensitive materials are stored in a controlled environment that maintains their safety and integrity.

Spacesaver's shelving and mobile storage solutions can help librarians adopt a more efficient and effective library management system. Interested parties can explore the full range of shelving options provided by Spacesaver by accessing the link below.

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