Times Square Advertising: Digital Billboard Brand Visibility Campaigns Launched

Published March 31, 2024

The newly updated service allows businesses across sectors to reach more prospects with customized and highly targeted ads in high-traffic locations.

More information can be found at https://redmarketingfirm.com/blog/post/lower-manhattan-time-square-nyc-digital-billboard-advertising-cost-service

The agency uses the latest in digital signage technology to create branded, engaging ads - and manages all aspects of the creative process, from the initial concept through to the production and installation of the billboard.

Businesses can get in touch through the agency's website or by phone to book a consultation, and following initial discussions, the team will provide a detailed proposal and send a contract.

According to R.E.D Marketing, the cost of a digital billboard in Times Square varies greatly depending on factors like screen size, campaign length, and timing, but average weekly rates range from $14,000 for smaller screens to upwards of $80,000 for premium screens and extended campaigns. "With the cost varying so much, it's important for you to work with a reputable marketing firm that can help you optimize your advertising budget," a spokesperson explains.

The service offers enhanced targeting and personalization compared to traditional, static billboards because digital screens allow for a more flexible display of different ads based on factors like time of day and demographics. Brands can tailor messaging and offers to connect more precisely with the surrounding audience, and with data and analytics, messaging can be refined for optimization throughout a campaign.

In addition to advanced targeting, digital billboards offer real-time updates. Advertisers have the ability to change creative, highlight timely promotions, and keep the content fresh, allowing brands to respond rapidly to new market conditions and maximize relevancy.

Alongside its digital billboards, R.E.D Marketing Firm provides full-service offerings including content marketing, web and mobile app development, and more - helping to elevate brand awareness and drive real business growth for companies across sectors.

The spokesperson adds: "Our digital billboard service can deliver effective out-of-home advertising in the most desirable locations across the US and Canada. We also offer creative and production services that can help bring your concept to life."

Interested parties can learn more at https://austinguidered.com/dt_listing/r-e-d-marketing-firm/

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