Texas Gulf Coast Root Barrier & Soil Drainage Installations: Service Updated

Published November 26, 2023

With a new soil drainage system installed by League City Drainage & Irrigation, homeowners in the Texas Gulf Coast region can protect their houses and gardens from being damaged by heavy rain and storms.

To find more information, please visit https://drainmyyardleaguecity.com/

According to an article by the Texas Tribune, the Gulf Coastline has and will continue to suffer from more extreme weather conditions due to climate change, including heavier rainfalls and rising sea levels. In 2017, for example, Houston and surrounding areas were struck by Hurricane Harvey, which led to $125 billion in damages. By providing professional installations of root barriers and drainage systems to allow for better water flow, League City Drainage & Irrigation wants to help Southern Texans protect their properties from unpredictable weather events.

Flood Defenders, a non-profit organization advocating for better flood protection across the US, points out that while there are currently 3.5 million miles of sewer drainage across the country, this is far from sufficient. More than property damage, flooding can cause dangerous situations like sinkholes, and the organization highlights that $1 invested in drainage can save up to $6 in flood damages, underlining the importance of proper drainage.

One drainage problem many homeowners may be unaware of is the impact tree roots have on water flows. League City Drainage & Irrigation is experienced in installing root barriers to prevent pipe breakage, erosion, and dry patches caused by trees. The barriers give homeowners more control of the vast root systems underground that are stopping rainwater from exiting their gardens.

Further, the company offers drainage installations that stop and prevent yard ponding and flooding. The contractors will find an affordable solution to a potentially very costly problem, with the aim of saving homeowners money on property damage. League City Drainage & Irrigation also specializes in other outdoor services, like landscaping and sprinkler repairs.

A previous customer shared their experience: "My yard always floods in the spring, and sometimes water even gets into one side of the house. I called League City Drainage and found out that some tree roots were growing under my foundation and were contributing to the flooding. They set up root barriers and I haven't had water in my home since."

Additional details can be found at: https://drainmyyardleaguecity.com/

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