Suffolk County Soccer Training: Passing, Shooting & Dribbling Programs Updated

Published February 15, 2024

Long Island Sports Training's recently expanded soccer training programs are designed to help athletes improve all aspects of their game, from dribbling and trapping to shooting and passing. The programs are intended for athletes ages seven and over and can be completed privately, in groups, or in teams.

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As the demand for high-quality soccer training continues to grow, Long Island Sports Training remains committed to providing top-notch coaching and development opportunities for players of all ages and skill levels. With the introduction of updated passing, shooting, and dribbling programs, the organization aims to offer comprehensive training experiences that address the specific needs and goals of each player.

The updated programs feature a combination of cutting-edge drills, exercises, and techniques designed to improve players' proficiency in key areas of the game. Whether players are looking to sharpen their passing accuracy, increase their shooting power, or master their dribbling technique, Long Island Sports Training provides the tools, resources, and guidance needed to achieve success on the field.

According to FIFA, over 24 million Americans play soccer recreationally and competitively. For those who play competitively, having a physical or mental edge over an opponent can be the difference between winning and losing a game. Long Island Sports Training offers its soccer training programs to help players develop and hone this edge and ultimately elevate their level of play.

"Soccer is one of the easiest sports for kids to get involved in at the youth level and many opportunities have opened up for high school and college athletes to pursue a career in the sport," explained a spokesperson for the company. "To become the best player you can be, and take advantage of these opportunities, it takes training, hard work, and determination, and that's what we try to instill at Long Island Sports Training."

In addition to dribbling, trapping, shooting, and passing, athletes in the programs work on many other fundamental soccer skills, including control, vision, positioning, defending, and tackling. Players who want to improve their fitness also have the option to participate in soccer-specific strength, speed, and conditioning plans.

Athletes looking for individual training can sign up for either a 1, 6, or 12-session private program, while those who prefer to train in groups can choose between a 1-hour session for up to 8 players or a 2-hour session for more than 8 players. All programs are delivered by Long Island Sport's Training's founders Mr. and Mrs. Coach Gilmore, certified coaches with extensive backgrounds in the sport.

About Long Island Sports Training:

Long Island Sports Training is a leading provider of youth and adult soccer programs in the Suffolk County NY area. With a focus on player development, skill enhancement, and overall enjoyment of the game, Long Island Sports Training offers a wide range of training options for players of all ages and skill levels.

"I wanted to get some extra work in on the off-season, so I signed up for Long Island Sports Training's private soccer program," said a satisfied athlete. "They took the time to understand the aspects of my game that I wanted to improve, and they tailored their coaching to focus on these elements specifically. They also made things challenging and fun, which makes working hard a lot easier to do."

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