Spotted Dog Excavating Sewer & Water Repair Celebrates 14 Years of Excellence

Published April 3, 2024

Spotted Dog Excavating is celebrating its 14th anniversary in May 2024. Over the past 14 years, Spotted Dog Excavating has established itself as a reliable and trusted excavating contractor in Colorado Springs. With a focus on sewer, water, and septic system repairs, the company has demonstrated expertise and efficiency. The 24/7 emergency service reflects a commitment to immediate problem resolution. Owner Randy Crews's 30+ years of utility experience contribute to the company's competence. Holding licenses in Colorado Springs, El Paso County and Teller County adds to their credibility. Throughout these 14 years, they have built a strong reputation for quality service, transparency, and a customer-centric approach. This is a huge milestone for the Colorado Springs-based excavating company, which has provided excavating, sewer, septic, and water repairs to homeowners, property managers, businesses in Colorado Springs, and individuals requiring excavation services or emergency solutions for underground utilities since 2010.

Spotted Dog Excavating Sewer & Water Repair got its start in 2010 when founders Randy and Angela Crews saw a need in the Colorado Springs area for customer-focused excavating and underground utility needs. As entrepreneurs, the Crews's launched this company based on their expertise and experience in utility services, coupled with a desire to address local demands for reliable and efficient excavation solutions.

One of the earliest challenges Spotted Dog Excavating focused on was establishing a solid reputation and the need to stand out in a competitive market. Navigating local regulations, obtaining necessary licenses, and adapting operational processes to meet specific community needs were accomplishments early on. Effectively acquiring and retaining customers through strategic marketing, service delivery, and an education-focused customer service model were critical for the new business's initial successes. Like many new businesses, Spotted Dog Excavating addressed these challenges through adaptability, commitment to quality service, and a keen understanding of the local market.

While every business faces challenges, Spotted Dog Excavating has been fortunate to enjoy real successes, wins, and victories too. Several such successes have been in securing large infrastructure projects with municipal and commercial customers and repeat customers who continually call because of their excellence in service. These "wins" solidified Spotted Dog's reputation as a trusted and capable excavating contractor in Colorado Springs. Successful completion of their projects highlights their expertise and reliability on a larger scale, contributing to increased visibility and opportunities for future projects in the region.

Angela Crews, owner of Spotted Dog Excavating, discussed some of the successes. "During the past 14 years, our notable achievements and successes can be attributed to Randy's interactions with our customers. He educates customers so that they gain a strong understanding of their project. We have found that clients appreciate the time and attention it takes to help them gain the knowledge they need to move forward with their projects. Repeat customers and referrals between friends and families have been a source of growth for us and have helped us to create a strong connection to our community."

Spotted Dog Excavating's co-founder, Randy Crews, expresses elation as the company commemorates its 14th anniversary. According to Crews, the longevity of business hinges on a blend of elements. These include a steadfast dedication to client contentment, particularly evident in their emergency services. Moreover, the company boasts specialized proficiency in managing sewer, water, and septic systems. Notably, they prioritize aiding customers in comprehending the procedural intricacies, guiding them through each stage in collaboration with local authorities. Crews underscores their commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction upon project completion, emphasizing their availability for any inquiries.

Owner Randy Crews's 30+ years of utility experience and mindfulness contribute to the company's reliability. Their emphasis on safety, transparent communication, and adherence to local regulations builds trust with customers. Additionally, securing licenses, memberships in the Better Business Bureau, and offering warranties on services underscore their professionalism. A 'big win' with significant projects, like municipal contracts, further solidifies their success by highlighting their capabilities on a larger scale. Overall, Spotted Dog Excavating's success stems from a customer-centric approach, expertise, transparency, and a commitment to excellence.

Spotted Dog Excavating's business objectives encompass ensuring customer satisfaction by providing reliable sewer, water, and septic system installations and repair services. With a focus on community trust, the company aims to build strong relationships through transparent communication and ethical practices. Leveraging specialized expertise, they strive to be a leading excavating contractor in Colorado Springs, El Paso County, and the surrounding areas. Operational excellence, growth opportunities, adherence to standards, and professionalism, as demonstrated through licensing and membership, are key components of their business goals. Aligned with owners Randy & Angela Crews's visions, the company seeks to maintain an elevated level of service quality while pursuing growth and success in the industry.

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