Spokane Valley Stem Cell Treatments For Joint Pain Relief & Arthritis Announced

Published February 15, 2024

The newly announced natural healing methods are designed to treat inflammation, chronic joint pain, osteoarthritis, hip and knee pain, and limited mobility.

More details can be found at https://truehealthpllc.com

With health consultations available throughout 2024, the recent announcement from the team at True Health PLLC - led by Dashiel Wham (ARNP-C) - highlights the clinic's commitment to using the latest, most advanced technologies to treat joint discomfort, including orthobiologic therapy, platelet rich plasma (PRP), and stem cell treatments.

Recent studies published in the Journal of Medicine (Baltimore) show that stem cell treatment for joint pain and osteoarthritis produces statistically superior results in comparison with more conventional treatments, helping to reduce pain and stiffness in patients, while also improving physical function. At True Health PLLC, the stem cell treatments and other healing methods help regenerate tissue to give patients a better quality of life.

"Typical treatments for osteoarthritis do nothing to restore cartilage or correct the problem," says a spokesperson. "Our therapies utilize the body's own repair mechanisms. Relief can last for years and some cases, pain relief and improved function can be permanent."

The regenerative stem cell therapies at True Health PLLC consist of injections with a natural product called Wharton's Jelly. The jelly is made from umbilical cords that have been donated, and is minimally processed in an FDA-compliant lab.

To help restore joint function, the injections provide an extracellular matrix so that the body's own healing system can repair damaged tissues, such as the cartilage covering bone joints. Whereas knee replacement surgery and cortisone injections come with unpleasant side effects, stem cell therapy is easily assimilated and does not bring negative repercussions.

Along with stem cell therapy, the clinic offers PRP, a natural healing method that uses blood plasma extracted from the patient's own blood, which can support wound healing following trauma or joint injuries.

Previous patients have positive reviews for the clinic. "I had a plasma infusion from Dashiel Wham at True Health PLLC for a soft tissue shoulder injury that I got while golfing," says Ron M. "The treatment took less than 20 minutes, and the results were amazing. The whole procedure was something I would recommend and would do again."

Interested parties can find more details at https://truehealthpllc.com

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