Simple Android Adapter For Older Cars With Multi-User Profile Capability Launch

Published December 29, 2023

This announcement is geared toward motorists with older vehicles that lack built-in WiFi capabilities. Carsifi enables users to utilize all Android Auto apps--navigation, messaging, voice calls, music, and more--without physically tethering their handset to their dashboard. ?

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Carsifi offers the ability to save multiple profiles, which is ideal for households sharing a vehicle. After a one-time setup process, the device automatically syncs with a smartphone when in range. The "Magic Button" allows for easy profile switching with a single click, and allows users to pause or resume their Android Auto sessions.

Industry data reveals a $12,000 increase in the average cost of a new car over the last five years, with a notable spike during the pandemic. This surge in prices has made it financially challenging for many to upgrade to vehicles with smart car features.

As a consequence, drivers miss out on the safety and convenience of wireless Android Auto. Carsifi addresses this gap by offering a cost-effective alternative that doesn't require a complete overhaul of one's existing infotainment system.

Carsifi ensures a smooth and seamless connection by using the latest Bluetooth and WiFi protocols. This eliminates concerns about lag between the smartphone and the dashboard, enhancing the overall user experience.

Compatible with all entertainment systems supporting Android Auto 9, the dongle extends its usability by providing a companion app for those using older versions. A compatibility test available on the website also enables users to verify whether their car can work with the device.

A spokesperson says: "Carsifi offers more than the capabilities of a wireless adapter; it unlocks a gateway to a more intelligent and safer driving experience for all. We firmly believe that technological advancements should augment your life, not exclude individuals based on the age of their vehicle. Our device embodies this philosophy, democratizing the convenience and safety of wireless Android Auto for everyone."


Carsifi was born from a successful Kickstarter and IndieGogo campaign started by Ihor Martsekha, Ihor Pylyavets, and Petro Leivi. The company is composed of engineers with extensive experience in software and embedded developments in commercial projects.

For the full technical specifications of Carsifi, interested parties may visit

Carsifi, Inc.

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