Self-Directed Gold IRA Vs Stocks For Retirement Security: 2024 Guide Launched

Published December 29, 2023

The new MrGold IRA guide compares bullion investing to buying shares in precious metals production companies or purchasing exchange-traded funds (ETFs) - offering actionable tips for retirement planners wanting to secure their future.

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MrGold IRA explains that, typically, experts advise that 5-10% of a retirement portfolio should be in precious metals. The guide explores precious metals' track record buffering against rising prices and market drops throughout history and explains certain tax advantages IRAs provide, as the account is taxed when funds are withdrawn.

There is currently nationwide discussion over the level of preparedness for retirement felt by Americans. CNBC recently reported that 56% of residents say they're not on pace to retire comfortably, and MrGold IRA makes the case for precious metals being able to assist with this - noting that analysts at FX Empire predict gold may reach as high as $2,500 per ounce in 2024. The team explains that precious metals have served as a reliable hedge against both consumer price surges and equity market downturns throughout history.

The guide assists with establishing appropriate investment goals based on risk tolerance and time horizon, and readers can educate themselves on how to research current precious metals prices before making purchase decisions. For those new to gold investing, it also offers explanations of different gold coins and bullion products.

MrGold IRA emphasizes the importance of ongoing education for investors and encourages savers to continue reading educational articles and analyses to stay up-to-date on the factors that impact commodity prices. Watching precious metals news segments is another recommendation for remaining an informed investor.

Discussing gold IRA investing, a spokesperson states: "Precious metal investing is one of the best ways to diversify your portfolio. A gold IRA allows you to buy physical gold - gold bars, gold coins, and more - without selling any other investments. This is because it is considered cash under IRS rules, and as long as you don't hold anything else in the same name, you're fine."

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