Seattle Polyfoam, Mud Jacking To Fix Sinking & Cracking Concrete Announced

Published February 23, 2024

The newly announced concrete lifting and leveling services offer different solutions for repairing compromised concrete which the team at Seattle Slabjack will implement upon inspection of the compromised area and consultation with clients. Slab jacking is a way of repairing cracked or sunken concrete that offers clients a more cost-effective solution compared to concrete replacement, which can cost up to 50 percent more and take longer to complete.

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Cracked and sunken concrete surfaces can present not only a safety hazard, but can also lead to far greater expenditure in the future if left to decay. Concrete lifting, leveling, and repair options available through Seattle Slabjack - licensed and award-winning concrete repair specialists - give both commercial and residential clients an affordable, non-invasive way of quickly addressing and resolving concrete settlement.

"Concrete settlement happens because the soil beneath the concrete element is eroding and can no longer support the weight of the material. If not addressed quickly, these types of issues can cause safety hazards, and can lead to far heftier repair bills," says a spokesperson for Seattle Slabjack. "No matter the project, we have the products and experience needed to meet or exceed all client expectations."

While concrete is the most commonly used building material, it is prone to cracking, crumbling, and sinking. Two of the most effective ways of lifting and leveling concrete slabs are mud jacking and polyjacking, explains Seattle Slabjack.

Mud jacking is the process of injecting mud underneath the concrete surface using a hydraulic pump. This option is chosen when the underlying soils are solid and able to support the repair, say the experts at Seattle Slabjack.

Polyjacking is the process of injecting environmentally friendly polyurethane foam to boost and level sinking concrete. Once injected the foam expands to completely fill the area between the soil and the concrete, stabilizing both.

Both mud jacking and polyjacking are zero-waste methods of concrete repair that can be performed in just about any weather. Slab jacking offers clients instant results without the extra noise and cost that comes with concrete replacement.

The contractors at Seattle Slabjack are experienced with sidewalks, driveways, patios, steps and stairs, and uneven concrete. They offer a special discounted price to seniors and are available 24/7 for emergencies.

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