Sausalito In-Home Alzheimer's Care With Socially Prescribed Services Updated

Published February 23, 2024

In light of groundbreaking new research that showed that social prescribing can slow the progression of dementia and other age-related neurocognitive disorders, Elder Manage Care is offering expanded in-home care services that integrate socially prescribed creative writing into its senior wellness model.

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The program was developed with the goal of helping elderly patients suffering from dementia maintain as much independence and quality of life as possible. This follows studies from Social Prescribing USA, Alzheimer's Society, and Lancet Healthy Longevity that examined the benefits of social prescribing on individuals with neurodegenerative diseases. Results from these studies showed that elderly patients who received personalized social services and community-based support in combination with traditional care were more likely to remain at home for longer and sustain a healthier lifestyle.

Having conducted their own studies on nonmedical interventions and the effects they have on seniors with Alzheimer's, bipolar disorder, depression, physical disabilities, and other conditions, Elder Manage Care observed that those who engaged in creative exercises often displayed marked improvements in mental health and memory function, lower stress levels, decreased agitation, less reliance on medications, and an overall improvement in quality of life. As such, the company has designed a unique model that combines traditional in-home care with socially prescribed creative writing as a therapeutic tool to enhance cognitive ability and combat the progression of dementia.

Elder Manage Care's process involves helping elderly patients relive memories from throughout their lifetimes and capture them in writing, thereby keeping them engaged and mentally active. Each member of the company's Creative Services Team is capable of offering clients comprehensive one-on-one support through editing, revision, proofreading, and ghostwriting. Seniors may also receive author mentorship and writing practice, with the option to participate in peer workshops should they request it.

As part of their integrative model, Elder Manage Care's program will include full-service caregiving alongside their creative writing services. Their experienced caregivers can carry out grocery and prescription delivery, transportation, meal preparation, handyman needs, and any other services the client may require, reflecting the company's commitment to providing seniors with compassionate and thoughtful care.

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