San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney Opens Service To Dismiss Protective Orders

Published February 15, 2024

In an ambitious move to address the increasing complexities surrounding protective orders, Locke Law, one of San Antonio's preeminent criminal defense law firms, is excited to announce the launch of its specialized service aimed at helping individuals seek the dismissal of protective orders.

Shannon Locke, the driving force behind Locke Law, remarked on this new venture, "Protective orders, while essential in many cases, can sometimes be misused or based on misunderstood events. Our new service seeks to ensure that every individual gets a fair chance at justice, and that protective orders are used appropriately and justly."

Protective Orders: A Double-Edged Sword

While protective orders are designed to safeguard individuals from potential harm or harassment, they can also inadvertently stigmatize those against whom they are issued. This stigma can lead to strained personal relationships, potential employment challenges, and even unwarranted societal judgment.

Locke Law recognizes these challenges and aims to bring its vast legal expertise to bear in addressing and potentially reversing protective orders that may not be founded on substantial or accurate evidence. With a focus on thorough investigation, comprehensive legal strategy, and tireless advocacy, the firm is dedicated to ensuring that justice prevails for its clients.

Protective Orders in Bexar County: A Growing Concern

Bexar County has recently seen an uptick in the issuance of protective orders, particularly in cases involving allegations of domestic violence and sexual assault. While these orders serve an essential purpose, it's crucial to understand the broader implications for those named in them. Often, these individuals may feel as if they are already presumed guilty, especially if the accusations involve serious matters like bodily injury or drug crimes.

As a seasoned criminal defense attorney, Shannon Locke of Locke Law points out, "In the rush to protect potential victims, the constitutional rights of the accused can sometimes be overlooked. Every criminal offense requires thorough investigation and an unbiased approach. It's all too easy for the lines to blur, especially when law enforcement and the district attorney are under public pressure to act swiftly."

With its extensive experience navigating the intricate legal process of Bexar County, the team at Locke Law is exceptionally equipped to represent clients during the protective order hearing. Such hearings are pivotal, often setting the tone for future legal encounters and potentially impacting an individual's legal rights.

"Whether it's a case of domestic violence, drug-related offenses, or any other criminal allegation, our primary goal is to ensure that the rights of the accused are not overshadowed by the gravity of the accusations," asserts Locke. "Every individual deserves a fair hearing and the right to a robust defense."

Locke Law: Bridging the Gap

Locke Law, a top criminal defense firm in San Antonio, is dedicated to handling the complex issues that come up with protective orders. Their team understands that, behind every protective order, there's a story that may not have been fully told or understood.

"Having a protective order against you can feel like a heavy weight," says Shannon Locke. "Our mission is to ensure that this weight doesn't unfairly burden those who may be innocent. It's about restoring reputations, rebuilding lives, and ensuring that the legal system remains just and balanced."

Community Engagement and Further Plans

In addition to offering this new service, Locke Law is also committed to educating the San Antonio community about the intricacies of protective orders. The firm plans to roll out a series of workshops and informational sessions designed to demystify the process and inform residents about their rights and potential recourse.

About Locke Law

Founded and helmed by the renowned Attorney Shannon Locke, Locke Law stands as a beacon of justice in San Antonio, Texas. The firm specializes in criminal defense, with a strong emphasis on advocacy, client rights, and informed legal strategy. This new initiative on protective orders shows commitment to solving legal challenges and defending the rights of people in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

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