Revelation Riddle Book Series, Announces Third Book Release, Blast Of Fire

Published March 2, 2024



San Antonio, Texas

Dear Pastors and Bible study leaders,

Bestselling author Benjamin Thomas will soon release the third book of the Revelation Riddle book series, Blast of Fire, a new non-fiction book that explains God's timeline for rebooting the world with a different operating system, setting humanity free from the dark forces controlling the world.

Prophecies written 2,500 years ago by the prophet Ezra describe the present time people are living in and what's next. Revelation Riddle: Blast of Fire explains how the this age soon ends and humanity is ushered into a new Kingdom Age - a return to a type of Garden of Eden. The book unseals ancient prophecies that explain how God decides to end this age and ushers in an entirely new age. Also, how President Donald Trump may be the "man out of the sea" in the Bible and if so, fulfills a unique calling.

Disease X threatens to eradicate humanity. A small amount of Fentanyl potentially could wipe out whole nations. Open borders decimate national sovereignty. Artificial intelligence (AI) threatens to take over machines and wipe out society. The World Economic Forum pushes the "Great Reset", a dystopian New World Order. Are these all signs of the end of the world, or are they birth pangs for something new?

Evangelical Christians believe things get worse and then the Rapture saves humanity in a dramatic rescue event. But what about passages in the Bible that discuss a new age coming first? Blast of Fire provides readers with the Biblical timeline explaining the present times, challenging entrenched beliefs and interpretations of the extensively covered End Times doctrines.

In this thought-provoking book, Benjamin Thomas delves deep into ancient and modern prophecies that suggest that God plans a surprise for the Church. Arguing against the prevailing notion that people are living in the predicted "End Times apocalypse," Thomas calls on readers to take a second look at the book of 2 Ezra, removed from evangelical Bibles in the 19th century. He asserts that this is the best generation to be alive and will witness the most important judgment in the Bible - the Stone Judgment - in this lifetime. Thomas exhorts readers to discover themselves in the Bible, the Book of Life, to achieve their destinies.

About the author:

Benjamin Thomas founded multiple companies and achieved success within the business arena as he pioneered and led new ventures across several industries. Benjamin received a prophetic revelation after seeking God for the truth about the End Times following a dark period as a doomsday "Prepper". God has called Benjamin to prepare Soldier Saints for the Kingdom Age of the Saints. Benjamin loves his God, family, and country.

Revelation Riddle: Blast of Fire

Ebook $9.99 ISBN 979-8-9892115-7-9

Audio Book $24.97 ISBN 979-8-9892115-9-3

Trade paperback $16.97 ISBN 979-8-9892115-6-2

254 pages

Revelation Riddle: Blast of Fire is set to be released in eBook, trade paper book on March 4, 2024 and readers may preorder the book on and other outlets. There are 15 illustrations in the book. It is meant for readers age twelve and up. The audio version will be available shortly after the release date.

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