Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings For Cost-Efficient Community Centers Announced

Published February 29, 2024

The newly announced service aims to provide municipalities with the expertise needed to design and build a community center that meets the social and recreational needs of the community along with the revenue needs of the government. With an in-house team of engineers, architects, budgeting experts, zoning experts, and highly skilled building crews, Reich Construction, LLC is accustomed to delivering projects faster and with a better ROI than what traditional construction methods can achieve.

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While community centers serve a variety of needs for local residents, they must also generate revenue. As a preferred Butler Builder with 40 years of experience in designing and building pre-engineered facilities, full-service company Reich Construction is positioned to meet the needs of community center planners without the need for them to contract additional engineers, architects, or accountants. This approach cuts costs and ensures better quality control over the building process.

"In addition to my architectural firm, I founded Reich Construction with the goal of combining emerging mass production trends in construction with the timelessness of old-world approaches," explains Bruno Reich, Architect and CEO of Reich Construction. "With several projects under our belts - including public facilities, arenas, dealerships, terminals, and more - we are well positioned to meet the needs of municipal governments seeking the best construction team for their local community centers."

The cost of building a community center using conventional construction methods can require years of fundraising and significant government grants. A community center designed and erected using pre-engineered steel, on the other hand, reduces this financial burden without compromising on quality. In fact, buildings made of pre-engineered steel offer impressive energy efficiencies, are better for the environment, cost less to maintain, and can be built much faster compared to traditional construction methods.

Reich Construction simplifies the process with in-house teams of experts who can complete every step in the building process in accordance with established plans and timelines.

From examining and authorizing building sites to estimating and budgeting, preparing accurate zoning and code documents, and creating a center with the proper internal systems, Reich Construction streamlines the building process for municipality departments that are accountable to their government and to the community.

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