Postpartum Pelvic Floor Pain Alleviation: Exercises & Treatment Guide Launched

Published November 24, 2023

Postpartum pelvic floor pain is a common condition after childbirth for which there is no single treatment. Pelvic floor pain can have uncomfortable consequences and is linked to postpartum depression. In light of such consequences, Healthy Pelvic Floor Muscles has released an in-depth guide to provide new mothers with an abundance of knowledge about, and solutions to relieve, this condition.

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Doctors may recommend physical therapy, medications, or surgery to treat pelvic floor pain. If pain continues after trying treatment methods such as those suggested in the new guide, readers are encouraged to consult their doctors. However, since doctor-recommended treatments can be expensive, the recently published article provides over a dozen alternative treatment methods, most of which can be done at home with little or no expense.

The article is part of a series on women's pelvic floor health issues by Barbara Miller, Healthy Pelvic Floor Muscles founder and an advocate of holistic healing and pain relief. For women suffering from postpartum pelvic floor pain, she recommends simple, equipment-free movements and techniques like Kegel exercises, bridges, lunges, squats, clamshells, massages, and relaxation methods.

For readers considering physical therapy treatments for their postpartum pelvic floor pain, the article includes a section on what to expect during therapy sessions to help readers make the best use of them.

Besides specific exercises, the guide recommends lifestyle adjustments that readers can incorporate on a daily basis to prevent or manage pelvic floor pain. These include regular exercise, practicing good posture, and avoiding heavy lifting.

Healthy Pelvic Floor Muscles is an online resource hub devoted to men's and women's pelvic floor health. It emphasizes natural, holistic treatments to help readers take control of their physical health and wellness.

"My mission is to bring holistic healing and pain relief through gentle and natural chiropractic adjustments," Barbara Miller writes. "I'm passionate about helping others feel better in their own bodies without relying on harsh medications or invasive treatments. I also enjoy educating people on the importance of physical health and wellness, which I do through my writing as well as through my practice."

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