Phoenix Multimedia Content Marketing For SMB Visibility & Traffic Announced

Published February 6, 2024

As part of the latest service, the company offers professionally created content in six different formats, including articles, blog posts, podcasts, videos, slideshows, and infographics, published on hundreds of high-authority platforms to build clients' credibility and brand recognition.

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With 98% of consumers using the internet to discover businesses near them, according to BrightLocal research, Content Marketing Media explains that many SMBs lack the expertise and resources to stand out on the web when potential customers search for the services they offer. The new DFY multimedia content solution is designed to significantly improve clients' digital footprints for enhanced visibility.

Using hyper-local targeting strategies, the agency creates content that focuses on addressing the needs of a specific locality or demographic.

"By leveraging our partnerships with high-authority platforms, we ensure your brand's message reaches a vast and diverse audience," says a company representative. "This increased exposure amplifies brand awareness and enhances your brand's credibility. When your content is associated with reputable platforms, it sends a clear signal to your audience that your brand is trustworthy and produces high-quality content."

Besides improving clients' visibility and credibility, the multimedia content marketing service offers SEO benefits too. As the agency explains, acquiring backlinks from authoritative sources can signal to Google and other search engines that a website is credible, which can result in improved rankings and greater organic traffic.

Content Marketing Media offers different service packages, with both one-off and ongoing campaigns available to meet clients' requirements.

About Content Marketing Media

Combining its strategic partnership with leading platforms and a team of experienced creators, Content Marketing Media provides smaller companies with the kind of exposure and reach that is often reserved for big corporations. The agency's services also include social media and email marketing.

"Josh and his team are truly skilled in content marketing and great to work with," a satisfied client said. "I highly recommend them to any business looking to elevate their marketing game."

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