Philadelphia Local Moving For Family Homes: Packing Materials Guide Released

Published February 17, 2024

The latest guide from details a range of different packing materials for keeping household items safe and secure during the moving process.

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The piece makes up part of's extensive library of moving guides, offering advice on everything from packing and truck rental to recycling and home cleaning supplies. With their newest guide, the company aims to inform readers about the types of packing material available to make the moving process run as smoothly as possible.

"There are several materials that you need to keep your goods safe and secure during the moving process," says "It is important to be familiar with these items and to make sure that you have enough of these materials for your move."

The guide begins with a detailed overview of the different types of packing boxes available, explaining which are the most appropriate for certain types of household goods. For instance, kitchen boxes are cellular in design making them the best choice for holding fragile items such as glassware, china and silverware. The guide recommends using item-specific boxes such as wardrobe, picture, and lamp boxes to keep goods as secure as possible during the moving process.

However, boxes alone will not be enough to protect household items properly, explains the report. Movers should also utilize protective materials, such as newspaper, bubble wrap and stretch wrap, to ensure that items won't get damaged in transit. Bubble wrap can be used on furniture and other large items to prevent scratches and dents while plastic stretch wrap can be used to add a waterproof layer to any boxes containing electrical items.

Once all items have been packaged securely, recommends labeling boxes clearly using packing labels and permanent markers. Readers are reminded to reinforce the bottom of boxes with packing tape to ensure that heavy items remain secure when lifted.

Those looking for a professional moving company to help transport their packing boxes can make use of's extensive online directory, which offers up to seven complimentary moving quotes.

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