Panama Consulting Firm For Foreign Investors, Legal Guidance Services Updated

Published May 29, 2024

Following the recent announcement, Proper Consulting Panama offers foreign investors looking to establish a business in Panama legal guidance on the country's tax obligations and strategies for maximizing benefits and minimizing liabilities.

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After a decade of experience with the different facets of Panamanian law, Proper Consulting Panama has built a team of legal and financial experts who understand the intricacies of the country's tax system. They now assist entrepreneurs eager to set foot in the country, ensuring they meet local employment laws while developing practices that are advantageous for both the employer and their workforce.

According to Panamanian law, foreigners with commercial interests in the country beyond direct investments are legally required to register as a foreign company or branch to operate. Once eligible to operate, the foreign company will be liable to pay the country's flat corporate income tax rate of 25%. These are the legal details the team at Proper Consulting Panama anticipates on every client's behalf.

In addition to tax consultations, the firm also offers guidance on family law, criminal defense, civil litigation, commercial law, immigration law, intellectual property, and employment law. Whether navigating a family, corporate, or financial challenge, the firm helps clients ensure their rights are protected and their future opportunities are secure.

Proper Consulting Panama takes legal compliance into account with every consultation, assisting with document requests, payment deadlines, government applications, registrations, and any other legal obligations clients may be required to fulfill as a foreign entity in Panama.

About Proper Consulting Panama

Proper Consulting Panama offers consultancy services to both existing and potential investors in Panama. Founded by lawyer, real estate expert, and entrepreneur Alex Garrido, the team offers insights into real estate, business, law, and finances, guiding clients towards well-informed and secure investment decisions in Panama.

"Navigating international laws for our collaboration in Panama seemed a monumental task until we engaged with Consulting Panama. Their team managed to decipher and guide us through every local compliance. What stood out was their transparent communication. Doing business in Panama felt as straightforward as doing business back home, thanks to their impeccable guidance," said a satisfied client.

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