Palm Bay Locksmith Companies Analyze Service Fusion's 2024 Industry Trends

Published February 25, 2024

Palm Bay, Florida locksmith services companies, including Merritt Island-based Brevard Locksmith 247, have been looking at data prepared by Service Fusion - makers of an all-in-one field service management software solution for the HVAC/refrigeration, locksmith, garage door, electrical, plumbing and appliance repair industries - documenting the top locksmith industry trends for 2024, with this data measuring and taking into account factors such as market size and employment stats.

"Locksmithing continues to evolve, with these rapid changes affecting the industry market size," states a senior company representative of Brevard Locksmith 247. "New job opportunities are available to those with technical skills, and locksmiths need to understand the factors affecting their industry; this is where analyzing the data prepared by Service Fusion comes in, as these insights can help with planning and career training."

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According to statistics viewed by Brevard and other Palm Bay locksmith industry entities, the locksmith market has grown by one-percent per year since 2017, equating to 24,563 locksmith businesses in the U.S., a number reflecting the fact that demand for locksmiths is being driven by new security systems. With connected residential security systems being popular, businesses have been looking to similar tech-enhanced protection, as well, with cities boasting the most demand for locksmiths. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, meanwhile, found 1,000 locksmiths in the New York City/New Jersey metro area as of May 2022, alongside Los Angeles with 770 and Dallas, Miami and Chicago with more than 400 lock pros apiece.

California, this study found, was the most popular state for locksmiths, with over 2,000.

"With locksmithing a quickly-changing vocation and technology playing a big role in that, locksmiths who embrace the new developments in the industry can adapt and grow within it," adds a Brevard Locksmith 247 lock engineer team leader. "The three big trends reported by Service Fusion that we're keeping an eye on have to do with the Internet of Things in locksmithing, keyless entry systems and artificial intelligence; indeed, IoT is changing commercial and residential security systems by securing doors just like traditional locks, but with the addition of internet or data connections. Locksmiths need to understand these connected systems while keeping the Wi-Fi or data connection active - and they have to solve problems using computer codes or software.

"Still, IoT is only one piece of that locksmith industry puzzle; beyond that are keyless entry systems that surpass locking and unlocking with a smartphone, what with radio frequency ID (RFID) keys that can open doors when placed near a sensor and biometric face, eye and fingerprint scans. AI, meanwhile, can help locksmiths in different ways, from software that tells machines how to cut new keys and predict repair needs to system implementations that see security problems and look for suspicious activities."

Experts like Brevard Locksmith 247 are also looking at trends reflecting the rise of mobile and emergency lockout services.

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