Ohio Ergonomic Standing Desks: New & Used Office Furniture Collection Expanded

Published February 12, 2024

Customers can now shop for both brand-new and second-hand standing desks at the four-acre showroom, including those made by nationally recognized brands.

More information is available at https://theofw.com/product-category/desks/

The newly added products are geared toward companies who want to address excessive sitting and the many health risks associated with it - including potentially heightened risk for cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. A spokesperson says: "With a standing desk, you're not just enhancing ergonomics and productivity, you also boost your workers' health and well-being."

The Office Furniture Warehouse has highlighted three products in its inventory:

1. Electric Standing Desk ($999): This item comes in a sleek white color. It features three height presets for greater convenience.

2. Pneumatic Standing Desk ($299): A more cost-effective alternative to electric standing desks, this product measures 72" x 30."

3. Aldwin Lift Top Desk ($489): While this product works well as a standard office table, it can also easily convert to a standing desk. It comes equipped with USB ports and an AC plug.

A study published in the Preventive Medicine journal found that employees who used standing desks reported feeling more energetic and less fatigued compared to those who sat all day. Moreover, these desks can also boost productivity, with one study finding that employees who used standing desks experienced greater focus and alertness. The Office Furniture Warehouse continues to expand its collection, given the growing demand for these innovative desks.


With a showroom spanning four acres, The Office Furniture Warehouse provides clients with a wealth of options - including items from trusted brands such as Hon, Haworth, Herman Miller, and Steelcase. The company also provides end-to-end furniture liquidation.

A former client shared this review of the store: "In terms of finding well-made, unique, and affordable office furniture in the Northeastern Ohio area, The Office Furniture Warehouse is the place to go. They have a focus on environmental sustainability, which appealed to me. Overall, I had a great experience and would recommend it to anyone."

Further details are available at https://theofw.com/product-category/desks/

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