NYC Certified Asset Disposition For Overstocked IT Equipment: Services Updated

Published February 12, 2024

ITAMG is now working with more businesses in NYC and the Tri-State Area who have overstocked IT equipment, whether they need to dispose of old and used equipment, or of new equipment that has never been utilized. The asset disposition team at ITAMG appreciates that purchasing IT hardware is a complex process for businesses and that demand often changes, which is why they are pleased to be offering a tailored disposition solution for overstocked businesses.

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As a recent study by the European Commission showed, 49% of individuals and businesses simply keep their old IT assets, including smartphones, tablets, desktops, hard drives, and more, with only 10% recycling their technology. ITAMG understands that, while companies are often reticent to simply recycle or destroy something which was costly to invest in, overstocked IT equipment can quickly become a logistical challenge and a daily hassle.

As such, with their IT asset liquidation and disposition service, they will help a business by evaluating all of their assets - old, used, new, and never-used - making recommendations about how to better allocate IT resources and advising on the best disposition endpoint for each overstocked asset.

ITAMG focuses on getting the best ROI for all overstocked assets, especially those that may have been ordered but never utilized due to changes in the workplace or in the required technology. Accordingly, they will identify all hardware that is fit for resale and orchestrate its sale through New York's biggest reseller markets.

For any asset without significant resale value, ITAMG will ensure that it is recycled to the highest environmental standards.

Before any asset is handed over for recycling or resale, ITAMG will also oversee all data destruction, hard drive shredding, and more. Companies will receive a certificate of destruction for each asset, which confirms that their data has been safely and securely eliminated and that the item has been resold or recycled.


ITAMG has been working with businesses and organizations in the Tri-State Area for 25 years. They are members of the National Association of Information Destruction and are fully compliant with Responsible Recycling (R2) V3, RIOS, NAID AAA, NIST 800-88, and HIPAA.

A spokesperson for the asset disposal experts said, "Our business is designed to make sure our clients get the highest level of professional service. That means fair returns for their IT assets and access to the best data destruction processes in the industry. We insist our downstream recycling partners follow best practices to protect our clients and environment."

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