NYC Certified Angus Beef: Restaurant Meat Delivery Service For Chefs Launched

Published February 12, 2024

With the new service, the collective of chefs and farmers behind Meat Delivery for Chefs and Restaurants is making it easier for restaurants in the city to purchase the finest-quality meats, especially officially certified Angus Beef.

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With many NYC diners now preferring to eat at farm-to-table restaurants that boast sustainable practices and that support local boutique farms and growers, Meat Delivery for Chefs and Restaurants believes now is the right time for restaurants to rethink how they approach meat.

While many restaurants today use several different meat providers, or alternately shop from butchers and supermarkets, Meat Delivery for Chefs and Restaurants stands as a one-stop-shop service. The suppliers can fulfill all of a restaurant's meat needs and ensure that it is getting ethically and organically grown and raised meats from renowned and certified local farms without any cost markup.

One of the founders of Meat Delivery for Chefs and Restaurants said, "We have forged relationships with the finest suppliers that enable us to consistently provide top-quality products. We have access to the most exclusive cuts of meat, which we can deliver in a timely manner. If you want to join the elite chefs who have no difficulty sourcing the best meat and provisions, then we're uniquely qualified to help you."

The new meat delivery company also positions itself as being more than just a food supplier. Their skilled team is pleased to work alongside chefs as they develop their menus and dishes, giving them new inspiration for choice meats and cuts, and keeping them up-to-date with industry trends.

Understanding that, especially for upscale restaurants, quality is paramount, Meat Delivery for Chefs and Restaurants also invites interested chefs and restaurant heads to join them on behind-the-scenes farm and factory tours for their partnered cattle growers so they can feel assured that they are getting the best Angus beef and meat in New York.

A spokesperson for the collective behind Meat Delivery for Chefs and Restaurants said, "Secure a long-term, supportive relationship with an outstanding meat supplier and eliminate the hassle of sourcing prime quality meat. We are proud to be your local supplier of high-quality fresh meat for your high-end restaurant."

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