Northern Colorado Consultant Marketing: Brand Reputation Strategies Announced

Published April 10, 2024

The newly updated service helps to build a stronger personal brand reputation through content marketing campaigns designed to drive organic traffic on a more predictable basis. Consultants can secure first-page Google rankings by publishing content at scale and using high-authority platforms to establish trust with their client base.

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The content marketing agency takes a multimedia approach to brand growth, combining articles and blogs for thought leadership with engaging visual elements ranging from slideshows to videos. The goal of the new service is to achieve what Marketing Without Makeup refers to as 'omnipresence' - where consultants are highly visible across major channels.

Recent research from Gitnux indicates authenticity is highly valued by consumers, with 86% citing it as an important purchasing factor. However, while 80% of brands believe they deliver authentic content, only 37% of consumers agree - demonstrating a need for content that resonates as genuine, builds trust, and positions clients as credible voices in their field.

To address this, Marketing Without Makeup has assembled a team of professional writers focused on creating engaging, insightful campaigns that build authentic connections. By understanding each client's vision and goals, the agency is able to produce content that aligns with brand messaging while providing value to prospects.

Pro-grade blogs and articles demonstrate the expertise and insight that decision-makers seek from consultants in any niche, while visual assets also play a key role in conveying information in a concise, engaging manner while reaching audiences on popular social media platforms.

The agency is led by Erin Smilkstein, an experienced marketing professional with expertise across print, digital, and social channels. Having worked in the field since 2014, she recognizes the importance of expert-led campaigns to drive brand growth by capturing consumer interest and trust.

A spokesperson states: "Do you ever feel like bigger companies always seem to be the top search results and smaller businesses just can't compete? We solve that with organic traffic growth on autopilot. Through killer content and smart automation, we boost small business search results across YouTube and Google - without paying for ads."

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