Newport, RI Psychotherapist Sexual Abuse Lawyer For Groping, Service Expands

Published November 8, 2023

Experienced Abuse Guardian attorney for the state of Rhode Island Dan Lipman announces an expansion of services to offer comprehensive legal representation to survivors of unwanted touching, groping, and drug-facilitated sexual abuse by a psychotherapist.

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Under Rhode Island law, there is a three-year limit for filing sexual abuse and violation of care claims against perpetrators in a clinical or medical setting, but no cap on damages. Dan Lipman, Esq., a member of the national alliance of sexual abuse lawyers Abuse Guardian, now brings his many years of experience as a sexual abuse and medical malpractice lawyer to those in Newport and neighboring communities who've experienced therapist-patient sexual exploitation.

"Sadly, patients most likely to be sexually victimized by their therapists are those who've developed a deeply trusting relationship, making events of this type particularly insidious," says Lipman. "While the majority of psychotherapists are principled, the few who exploit an implicit power imbalance and their patients' vulnerabilities not only cause untold emotional damage to the victim, but they also undermine the profession as a whole."

Lipman says that in his experience, the progression from a professional therapist-patient relationship to one of sexual exploitation generally begins with boundary violations that can seem benign at first. Over time, the patient may struggle to reduce cognitive dissonance as their questions or concerns about the therapist's behavior are alleviated by reassurances from a professional they've been conditioned to trust.

The problem, says Lipman, is that if a psychotherapist is to be effective in treating a patient for their emotional problems or mental illness, the patient must believe in the therapist's advice and specialized knowledge.

Patients indoctrinated by a predatorial therapist's expertise in undermining their instincts can find it difficult to seek justice however, holding parties accountable for violations of their position is imperative, says Lipman. As a committed and compassionate sexual abuse lawyer, Lipman's key objective is to uphold the rights of abuse victims.

With extensive experience litigating a range of sexual abuse cases, Dan Lipman offers the highest standards of legal support along with the benefit of an extensive Abuse Guardian network of resources to those taking the first steps in pursuing justice, healing, and compensation.

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