Monday Morning Essential Oils Diffuser Blends For Productivity: Guide Released

Published February 19, 2024

The new guide is expressly written for those afflicted by the "Monday blues" - consistently struggling to get their week off to a good, productive start. As a certified aromatherapist, Lane provides a range of diffuser blends that combine essential oils associated with improved focus and energy.

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As explained in the new guide, certain pairs and groupings of essential oil ingredients can work in harmony to produce an uplifting, revitalizing effect. Loving Essential Oils points to the legitimate power of diffuser blends for their positive impact on wellness - with Lane sharing recipes for all kinds of situations.

The elimination of Monday morning glumness is at the heart of her new guide, containing a list of oils with properties that can help users feel ready to tackle the working week ahead. For those with lots of tasks to accomplish, Lane adds that the stimulating fragrances created by these diffuser blends can promote an environment conducive to concentration and readiness.

"Are you looking for a way to boost your mood on Monday morning?" asks the guide. "We'll share some of our favorite essential oil combinations for improving your attitude and setting the tone for a productive week."

Categorized by name and ingredients with brief summaries, the guide's recipes are designed to be easily blended. Mixes that implement citrus, rosemary, and lavender blends are prominent throughout the list - with Jennifer Lane specifically naming these oils for their empowering effects.

Loving Essential Oils is committed to the ongoing creation of resources that offer aromatherapy tips for home-based users. Water tank diffusers are seen as optimal for essential oils enthusiasts, allowing for the simple dispersion of invigorating Monday fragrances throughout the home.

Lane also describes diffuser necklaces as an additional means of harnessing essential oil blends for those who are traveling. With a single drop of the provided recipes, notes the guide, such necklaces enable users to reap the full benefits of its Monday morning mixes.

"I love how diffusing essential oils can change the space around you and set a positive mood," says Lane. "Use these diffuser blends at home before work, in your home office, in your work area or wherever you need them. You can also use these recipes on a diffuser necklace if you do not have time for diffusing - or are on the go in the car."

Interested parties can find the complete list of recipes via the full Loving Essential Oils guide at:

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