Mobile, AL Trailer Repair Shop: Aluminum Welding & Fabrication Services Updated

Published November 24, 2023

As part of its expanded service, the trailer repair shop provides a broad range of timely diagnostic and restorative services for damaged or malfunctioning towed vehicles, together with maintenance solutions to improve their performance and efficiency.

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Following the recent announcement, Gulf City Body & Trailer Works also carries an expansive inventory of national and brand-name parts for customers who need to replace their trailer's wheels, tires, suspension units, brakes, hitches, wiring, body and chassis components, and more.

In addition to engaging in common restorations for a trailer's moving parts, the team offers expertise in aluminum and stainless-steel welding - methods that require specialized skills and equipment. With this service, Gulf City Body & Trailer Works can fix or replace cracked, dented, or rusted structural components, together with worn-out rims, failed hubs, broken spokes, and corroded brake springs and calipers, among other problems.

For hydraulic work, the repair shop will troubleshoot issues such as dump trailer system fluid leakage, hoist malfunctioning, and brake lockups, in addition to addressing brake and slide-out system failure.

Gulf City Body & Trailer Works' other specialisms include the repair of truck equipment and axles damaged by overloading, impact, or deterioration. This may involve replacing spindles, hubs, bearings, or leaf springs, straightening twists or bends, or total replacements. The team can also install wet line kits for customers who want to run dump trailers, cranes, and other additional equipment.

For customers who want to rent or buy a trailer, the shop supplies an extensive variety of models from a line of manufacturers, including Travis Body and Trailer, Heil, Pitts, and Wabash. Equipment types range from dump and belt trailers to grain hoppers.

About Gulf City Body & Trailer Works

Founded in 1945, Gulf City Body & Trailer Works' is a full-service repair and sales facility for trailers and truck equipment with locations in Mobile, AL, and Calera, AL. The shop is a member of the NTEA, NTTC, and the Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida Petroleum Association.

A satisfied customer said: "Gulf City Body & Trailer Works are extremely reliable, knowledgeable, and very professional. I highly recommend them."

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