Mesa, AZ Ketamine Assisted Therapy For PTSD & Depression: Treatment Announced

Published November 8, 2023

Following the latest service update, Inner Alchemy Integrated Health's team of naturopathic medicine, medication management, and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy specialists will be supporting patients with treatment-resistant PTSD, depression, and addiction.

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The ketamine therapy practitioners are now accepting applications from new patients looking to undergo KAP (ketamine-assisted psychotherapy) treatment at the locally owned and operated practice, which is located at 121 W University Drive in Mesa.

According to Healthline, up to 30% of patients with major depressive disorders have a treatment-resistant condition, which means that conventional medications, such as SSRIs, will not alleviate their symptoms. As an alternative to traditional therapy and conventional medicine, ketamine infusions can help patients with treatment-resistant depression, PTSD, and addiction. Research shows that ketamine may also be effective in reducing the symptoms of bipolar disorder, OCD, and anxiety.

Ketamine induces feelings of relaxation and dissociation by inhibiting NMDA receptors and promoting neuroplasticity. As such, it enables the brain to rewire negative thought patterns and acquire healthy behaviors that combat depressive symptoms.

The Inner Alchemy Integrated Health team will conduct thorough psychiatric evaluations to determine whether the treatment is appropriate for the patient's unique condition. Once approved, the team of practitioners will devise a custom care plan that combines low-dose ketamine infusions with results-backed talk therapy and guided support to optimize treatment outcomes.

In sub-anesthetic doses, the practitioners will administer the FDA-approved drug intramuscularly. They can further augment the relaxing effects of the procedure with aromatherapy, ambient music, and relaxing aftercare to encourage patients to feel safe and supported throughout their treatment.

Throughout the process, patients will be monitored by the licensed and credentialed psychiatric nurse practitioner, Katie Walsh. During the procedure, patients typically report experiencing mild anesthetic, anxiolytic, and antidepressant effects for between an hour and an hour and a half.

"Most clients find 4-6 sessions to be ultimately beneficial, though some will find sufficient help from 3 sessions", a spokesperson for the practice explained.

More information can be found by visiting or by calling +1-480-382-2565.

Inner Alchemy Integrated Health
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