Mesa, AZ Ketamine Assisted Therapy Treatments For PTSD & Anxiety Announced

Published June 10, 2024

Inner Alchemy Integrated Health (+1 480 382 2565) has recently announced ketamine-assisted treatments for a variety of health issues, including relief for depression, chronic pain, bipolar disorder, OCD, and suicidal ideations.

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As ketamine continues to gain recognition as a highly effective medicine for many types of ailments, the health center's therapies are catered towards clients who are seeking to take control and responsibility over their own healing while participating actively through commitment and self-empowerment.

A recent study published in the Journal of Drugs in Context shows that ketamine has the potential to provide a rapid reduction in symptoms of PTSD, helping to reduce the incidence and severity of emotional triggers while improving mood and outlook. The highly trained mental health team at Inner Alchemy Integrated Health combines ketamine treatments with psychotherapy and a full range of services.

"We offer naturopathic medicine, medication management, integration support, and community events in an inclusive, kind, and relaxed atmosphere with specialized, individualized, therapeutic support," says a spokesperson. "From our first point of contact, our intention is to create a safe, nurturing environment for your relief and healing."

Ketamine-assisted therapies are facilitated by a licensed and credentialed Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with a background in non-pathologizing, integrative approaches. All services are offered in a safe, professional, medically-supervised environment that is also warm and comfortable.

In contrast to a hospital setting, the facilitator is with the patient throughout each step of the process, which unfolds in a quiet, ambient space. Elective music, essential oils, supportive conversation, cozy blankets, and ceremonial practices provide extra support.

Although many centers give ketamine intravenously, the Inner Alchemy team uses intramuscular injections so that clients can be free to move around without an IV drip, allowing for greater relaxation.

Previous clients have positive reviews for the health clinic and their services. "I love this place and the beautiful humans who run this safe and sacred space," says Alexandra J. "There is so much offered here - naturopathy, ketamine therapy, breathwork classes, and so much more. Your life will change after you step through these doors!"

Interested parties can find more information and book a treatment session at

Inner Alchemy Integrated Health
+1 480 382 2565
121 West University Drive
United States

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