Louisville, CO Restorative Dentistry: Bioceramic Fillings & Implants Update

Published May 13, 2024

By expanding its range of restorative treatments, Studio Z Dental is providing patients with more options when it comes to repairing and replacing damaged or decayed teeth. The treatments are all developed to return affected teeth to a functional and aesthetically pleasing state without compromising the health of the teeth around them.

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Restorative dentistry, sometimes referred to as cosmetic dentistry or dental implantology, encompasses any treatments performed to restore compromised oral structures. "Damaged, decayed, or missing teeth can have a serious effect on your self-esteem and well-being," explained a spokesperson for Studio Z Dental. "Restorative treatments fix these issues, enabling you to live with less worry about how your teeth look and function."

The most common restorative treatments Studio Z Dental performs are composite fillings, root canals, and crowns. Typically, these treatments are performed when part of the tooth is still intact; however, in the case of root canals, the pulp of the tooth has usually been infected to such a point that the majority of the tooth has to be cleared out to make way for the sealant and crown.

Also included in Studio Z Dental's range of treatments are bioceramic restorations, which the practice notes are longer lasting and more reliable than traditional restorations. These treatments utilize biocompatible materials, resulting in a better bond with the tissue around them. They're also non-toxic, they don't shrink, and they can cause less inflammation and swelling.

Patients who need replacement teeth have two options to consider -- bridges, which are affixed to the surrounding teeth for added support, or implants, which are inserted directly into the jawbone. Dentures are another option, however, these are typically reserved for patients opting for a removable, unfixed solution.

"I recently visited Studio Z Dental for a crown, and I couldn't be happier with how things turned out," said a satisfied patient. "Dr. Faraj and his staff were very thorough in explaining the reason for the crown and how the entire procedure would go. They also used the latest technology to apply the crown, which really gave me peace of mind. I would highly recommend them."

Interested parties can find more information at https://www.studiozdental.com

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