London SPAIRE Hip Replacement Surgery For Greater Range Of Motion Updated

Published December 29, 2023

This new advanced surgical procedure from MSK Doctors in London, known as the SPAIRE procedure, provides patients with a complete hip replacement while minimising the most common complications and offering several benefits related to a faster recovery.

A full explanation of the SPAIRE procedure, and details about the MSK Doctors no-referral, self-booking options can be found at

The new SPAIRE procedure is known for reducing trauma caused during the surgery, by allowing surgeons to avoid cutting several important muscles and tendons which surround the hip joint. As a result, MSK Doctors patients can return home within 23 hours after their operation, with no mobility restrictions whatsoever and minimal post-operative pain.

Known as Spare Piriformis And Internus, Repair Externus, or the SPAIRE procedure, this new technique offers a range of benefits over the traditional surgical options, including a decreased risk of dislocations. In clinical studies, the SPAIRE technique resulted in zero post-operative dislocations, compared to approximately 5% of patients using the standard surgical option.

One of the most obvious benefits for patients is the increased range of motion, which begins immediately after the operation. With the enhanced strength of the SPAIRE technique, the surgical team may ask patients to exercise their hip's full range of motion regularly immediately after their hip transplant.

Prof. Paul Lee, the MSK Doctors hip specialist, studied and helped to perfect the SPAIRE technique alongside its inventor, Dr. Timperley, at the renowned Exeter Hip Unit. Prof. Lee is experienced in both the SPAIRE and Bikini DAA operations, which offer similar benefits, although the Bikini DAA technique places more of a focus on hiding the visible scarring.

Patients can find a full explanation of each technique and its benefits in the full report. More information can also be found on the MSK Doctor's website, or by speaking to a specialist. Appointments can be booked online or over the phone, without a GP referral, for consultation, diagnosis, or treatment, with no waiting list.

A spokesperson for MSK Doctors explained, "Our ethos is hinged on delivering quality over quantity. We have a select team dedicated to providing tailored support to each patient, as opposed to performing a high volume of surgeries. This meticulous approach significantly contributes to the success and satisfaction rate among our patients."

More information about Prof. Paul Lee, the SPAIRE and Bikini DAA techniques, and the no-referral self-booking option can be found at

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