London Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment For Pain Relief At Private Hospital, Update

Published November 8, 2023

While there are many treatments currently available for osteoarthritis, most of these options offer at best only short-term relief, usually lasting up to several months. This new treatment from MSK Doctors in London uses a unique, single-injection option called Arthrosamid, which has been shown to provide benefits lasting several years in clinical trials.

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This new treatment option has been thoroughly tested for over two decades, and proven to be safe, effective, and long-lasting, with minimal side effects. However, Arthrosamid has only recently been approved for public use and is currently only available from a few specialists in the UK, such as Prof. Paul Lee, the founder of MSK Doctors.

While this treatment is new, it uses a method similar to many traditional treatments by injecting a cushioning and lubricating fluid into the client's knee, using a minimally invasive technique. Where the new treatment differs is in the specific fluid used, and how that fluid interacts with the client's body over the next several years.

Traditionally, a biocompatible fluid would be used that the body could easily absorb, leading to effective but short-term results. Arthrosamid treatments use a different approach by injecting a Polyacrylamide (PAAG) hydrogel, which the body cannot easily absorb, allowing the hydrogel a chance to become fully integrated with the body, and offering long-term relief from pain and stiffness.

Although clinical trials are still ongoing, Arthrosamid has been shown to provide effective relief for at least two years. While research suggests the benefits may last significantly longer than two years, no clinical trial evaluating pain relief and joint function has been long enough yet for researchers to determine the maximum potential duration of Arthrosamid.

In clinical trials comparing Arthrosamid to similar but possibly outdated treatments, such as hyaluronic acid, results have highlighted the benefits of Arthrosamid over traditional techniques. While there have been some side effects, they are almost always both minimal and temporary, such as short-term swelling and minor redness at the injection site.

A musculoskeletal specialist explained, "One of the benefits of consulting an MSK doctor is the personalised treatment approach they offer. Whether it's pharmacotherapy with anti-inflammatory medicines, injections, or even surgical options like joint replacement, they can guide you through the most appropriate treatment for your condition."

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