LA Singing Hypnotherapy To Overcome Performance Anxiety: Services Expanded

Published February 27, 2024

Following the announcement, singers who suffer from stage fright, fear of failure, social phobia, and other fears related to performances can contact HEAL YOURSELF Therapy for Singing Performance Hypnotherapy, a novel form of therapy developed to build confidence and change negative thought patterns.

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The service expansion reflects the prevalence of stage fright among professional performers. In a recent survey targeting musicians, 60% of respondents said that they experience stage fright regularly, with 20% of this number claiming that it's so severe that it hinders their career.

As a professional singer herself, HEAL YOURSELF Therapy team member and hypnotherapy specialist Anna-Pia Hubacher is well aware of the burdens that performers often face. According to Hubacher, stage fright in singers is often characterized by shaking, voice cracking, or forgetfulness during a performance; it may also be accompanied by social phobia and fear of criticism, failure, or success, leading to excessive self-criticism and an inclination to decline opportunities for growth. Her Singing Performance Hypnotherapy was thus developed based on her own experiences to help singers overcome the negative thought patterns born from the aforementioned fears.

Each hypnotherapy session will focus on the individual struggles of the client, with the end goal of empowering them to gain confidence in themselves. Using hypnosis as a therapeutic tool, Hubacher will work with the client to identify their own mental and emotional barriers. By helping singers alter the mindsets that limit them, Hubacher can also help them approach performances with a more positive outlook, enhance vocal control and expression, and achieve consistency.

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While HEAL YOURSELF Therapy's offices are based in Los Angeles, Northern California, Delray Beach, Florida, their team is capable of providing hypnotherapy to international clients through online sessions. For over 16 years, the company has served thousands of clients around the world, reflecting their passion for helping singers achieve their true potential.

"Looking back on my own journey, I realize that hypnotherapy did more than just help me overcome my fear of singing," says Hubacher. "It showed me that the barriers we face are often of our own making and that with the right support and mindset, we can overcome them."

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