Kissimmee Flat Fee Property Sale: Zero Commission Real Estate Services Launched

Published April 16, 2024

Designed to save home sellers money in agent commissions, Ziro Realty's newly announced marketplace is a welcomed departure from the traditional real estate process that burdens the seller with exorbitant agent commissions. The platform uses a simple, flat fee structure with no hidden charges or stringent terms.

More details about Ziro Realty, its commission-saving solution, and its flat fee structure can be found at

While selling with Ziro costs about half of a typical broker-led process, the seller will receive all the full-service add-ons of the latter, including support with contracts, negotiations, scheduling, signs, professional photography, home staging, and listing on thousands of websites. These services, as the firm notes, are available on-demand, allowing clients to choose only the ones they want, and they are billed without any markups.

On average, realtors in Florida charge a 6% commission on the home sale price. With a median home price of $393,302 in the state, according to an industry report, home sellers pay over $23 thousand in commissions, on average. However, by listing with Ziro Realty, the seller can sidestep this cost, paying only $4,000 in listing fees while still receiving all the benefits of an agent-led sale.

Beyond its no-commission pricing structure, Ziro Realty's real estate solution is tackling the broad inefficiencies in the industry, providing a streamlined interface that facilitates smooth, quick transactions. Founded over half a decade ago, the firm leverages intelligent technologies and algorithms to match buy-side and sell-side parties with properties based on their requirements, budget, and needs.

Owners intending to sell their properties are encouraged to schedule a no-obligation consultation with the team by emailing them or completing the contact form provided on the company's website.

"What a pleasure it was to sell our house. The listing process was simple and transparent," a recent client remarked. "They took no commission for listing, so instead of paying 6% of our sale price, we only paid 3% to the selling agent. Overall, we saved $8,825.00 selling our house through Ziro Realty." Another satisfied client had this to say: "We received $2000 back at closing. What a pleasant surprise."

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