Iowa Zipper Position & Tear Notch Alignment: Precision Pouch Packaging Announced

Published April 16, 2024

With the announcement, the company aims to help manufacturers in the Midwest find the right tear notch and zipper alignment technologies for their pouch packaging needs. Pack & Inspect Group represents world-class packaging, inspection, and product handling brands, offering the expertise needed to help manufacturers evaluate and select the machinery built to achieve their goals.

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While most consumers don't think twice about the little indent or slit that directs the opening tear on their bag of coffee, snacks, or pharmaceuticals, there is in fact a science to the relationship between the top seal, zipper, and tear notch positioning. Should the tear notch be placed too close to the zipper, the end customer will have difficulty opening their product. Improperly chosen tear notch styles can interfere with product graphics, text, logos, and overall appearance.

Pack & Inspect Group represents packaging brands that offer today's most precise, customizable tear notch and zipper alignment.

Two of the brands the company recommends for this process are the Junapack line of intermittent rotary fill-and-seal pre-made pouch machines, and packaging machinery from UVA Packaging, a division of the Dutch VDL Group.

The Junapack line offers manufacturers a selection of fill-and-seal pouch machines with value-added customization features - including tear notches - to optimize processes while ensuring best performance for the end user.

Featuring a captured cam drive, these low-maintenance models allow for smoother operations at higher speeds. Junapack's patented 'no jam' pouch feeder delivers pouches in the correct upright position so the machine's encased grippers can quickly grab packaging for sanitary filling up to 2 inches below the intended zipper placement, and then send the items along for zipper fitting, notching, and sealing.

The Vertical Form Fill & Seal (VFFS) machinery from UVA Packaging offers flexible product design and rapid changeovers to produce a wide variety of pouch or bag styles.

The Newton TX Series, for example, uses intermittent technology for packaging flexibility that can accommodate multiple bag styles and zipper types per machine.

This model is known for being exceptionally economic and efficient, occupying 70 percent less floor space than conventional DOY packaging technologies and completing up to 100 bags per minute.

Midwest manufacturers looking for better cost efficiencies on precision zipper and tear notch alignment for their pouch packaging needs can look to Pack & Inspect Group for a comprehensive line of options.

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