Huntington, WV Private School Sexual Abuse Attorney Announces Victim Services

Published November 8, 2023

The recent service expansions include legal and emotional support for survivors of sexual abuse at private schools and their families, as well as guidance on how to seek restitution for harm caused.

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The announcement comes as part of Abuse Guardian's continued commitment to offering legal advice for sexual abuse victims across the United States, including for cases that involve the distribution of explicit materials without consent in a private or boarding school environment.

According to statistics from RAINN, the distribution of explicit materials featuring minors is on the rise across the United States, with an increase in the number of cases that involve schools. Recognizing the severity of this trend and the irreparable harm that such abuse can cause, Jesse Forbes and his legal team at Forbes Law Office are committed to helping survivors get the justice they deserve. "Boarding school abuse is a distressing issue that has garnered significant attention in recent years," says Jesse. "Pursuing legal recourse for private school abuse can be challenging due to varying statutes of limitations, which is why we specialize in representing victims of institutional neglect and abuse."

As the appointed Abuse Guardian for West Virginia, Jesse advises victims on their rights and legal options, as he is well-versed in state laws regarding sexual abuse and can provide representation throughout the entire process.

The legal team is knowledgeable about many different forms of abuse that can occur in a private school setting, including the distribution of explicit materials without consent, which can happen in the context of a peer group or between a staff member and student.

In addition to providing legal advice and emotional support for survivors and their families, Jesse also fights to keep perpetrators accountable and prevent further harm. He helps victims take advantage of extended statutes of limitation in WV to ensure the best possible outcome and get compensation for damages, including emotional harm and medical bills.

For those who may be concerned that someone close to them has been the victim of sexual abuse in a private school context, Jesse's website offers a list of indicators and signs, as well as further resources.

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