Houston Sleep Apnea In-Home Test: Snoring Diagnosis & Treatment Updated

Published February 18, 2024

Sleep apnea causes a significant amount of harm for those who have the disorder, and according to a 2024 study by the Sleep Foundation, the condition afflicts the vast majority of its sufferers' partners, with 77% of respondents who share a bed with a snorer reporting that their well-being is diminished by snoring. Following the update, patients throughout the greater Houston area are provided with a robust series of studies to diagnose sleep apnea, as well as several options for effective treatment.

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Texas Sinus & Snoring clarifies that not every patient suffering from snoring needs a sleep study, as the first step is typically a sinus examination conducted with a CT scanner or nasal endoscope. After these tests determine how a patient's sinuses are performing, the clinical team may recommend an in-home sleep study that analyzes many factors, including air pressure flow, wake-up rate, respiratory effort, and oxygen saturation.

According to statistics compiled by the National Council on Aging, around 39 million American adults have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), but only 20% of these cases are officially diagnosed.

The home sleep study that Texas Sinus & Snoring provides is designed for ease of use, as the device is accompanied by a simple guide that explains how to place the sensor, click the belt into place, and initiate activation. Once a patient completes these steps, all they need to do is sleep as they normally would.

The next day, the patient returns the device to the practice's Spring location so that the Texas Sinus & Snoring team can collect the data and run a thorough study report. If OSA is diagnosed, the specialists can provide a variety of proven treatments like injection snoreplasty, oral appliance therapy, AIRLIFT, or UPPP surgery.

Serving Houston, The Woodlands, Spring, Tomball, and Cypress, Texas Sinus & Snoring can treat patients who have already undergone a sleep study elsewhere as long as the data in the report is comprehensive and fairly recent.

A recent patient of Texas Sinus & Snoring said the following about their experience, "I have had a great experience with Texas Sinus and Snoring. Dr. Cilento and his staff are very compassionate and professional. All of my questions and concerns were answered promptly. I am very pleased with the level of care I have received."

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