Hertfordshire Traditional Nigerian Food Wedding Catering Case Study Launched

Published March 31, 2024

The latest case study spotlights the lavish wedding party that took place at the award-winning Ashridge House in the winter of 2023, for which the company oversaw the catering, preparing and serving a diverse array of Nigerian dishes to 100 guests.

For more details, please visit https://ellesu.com/jossy-and-jovanas-wedding-party-in-ashbridge-house-hertfordshire-uk-england-a-culinary-symphony-by-ellesu-restaurant

The team behind Ellesu Restaurant explains that their service was recommended by a former client, and the menu was carefully curated to showcase the unique, eclectic nature of Nigerian cuisine.

With over 250 ethnic groups living in Nigeria, the country's traditional cuisine has evolved into a culinary orchestra, renowned for its rich flavours, variety, and versatility. In accordance with the groom's special request, Ellesu created its own culinary symphony for the wedding party, providing guests with an assortment of rice, meat, sauces, vegetables, and pastries.

Ellesu's menu for the event featured delicacies from different parts of Nigeria, including Jollof rice, Moin Moin, Puff-puff, Abacha, and more. From setup to presentation, the catering company was careful about every detail, ensuring the food maintained high health standards and was plated in an elegant, aesthetically pleasing manner. Ellesu also gave special consideration to guests with specific dietary needs, offering vegan and vegetarian options.

All products for the traditional dishes prepared by the restaurant were sourced from the local African food store and meat market to preserve the meals' authenticity.

About Ellesu Restaurant

Ellesu Restaurant offers a wide range of food services, including cooking courses, workshops, event catering, and more. Founded by Anambra native Olive Nwosu Onyi, the catering company promotes Nigerian culture and tradition by sharing the beauty and artistry of its cuisine.

"Ellesu catered our wedding with authentic Nigerian dishes that were a hit with all our guests. The Jollof rice and African salad were favorites, showcasing Ellesu's culinary expertise. Their attention to detail, from presentation to accommodating dietary needs, was impeccable," commented the groom from the Ashridge House wedding event.

Interested parties can find more information at https://austinguidered.com/dt_listing/ellesu-restaurant-catering-services

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