Hermosa Beach Ketamine Psychotherapy For Treatment-Resistant Depression Launched

Published November 26, 2023

The announcement comes with Shakti Therapy & Healing Services looking to provide alternative medicinal routes for those who have not improved with traditional antidepressant treatments.

For more information see https://www.shaktitherapyhealing.com/ketamine-therapy

From its Torrance-area center, Shakti Therapy & Healing Services maintains a holistic approach to mental healthcare. Its new ketamine-rooted therapies are added to a range of options specifically designed to support sufferers of depression, anxiety, and PTSD as they strive to achieve growth and healthier mindsets.

The center's advanced integration of ketamine usage is based on a desire to help embattled individuals unlock the strength to break away from negativity in pursuit of peace. Where depression is concerned, Shakti Therapy & Healing Services cites the connection between ketamine treatments, professional therapy, and adjusted neural activity - leading to symptom reduction.

"Ketamine has the power to modify neuronal circuits in the brain when paired with therapy," explains a Shakti representative. "This transforms depressive thinking patterns and helps manage treatment-resistant depression."

The path to ketamine therapy treatments at Shakti Therapy & Healing Services is set through initial evaluations both online and on-site. Its team works to help clients envision their short and long-term goals as they facilitate an effective recovery from depression. Ongoing work with a specially trained therapist follows, says the center - aiming for lasting progress that extends to everyday life.

Shakti Therapy & Healing Services points to the quick impact of ketamine therapy, built to prevent the construction of debilitating thoughts that stand in the way of daily functioning. Working in tandem, says the center, ketamine and therapy can result in significant mood and emotional wellbeing improvements.

Under the leadership of CEO Ektha Aggarwal, Shakti Therapy & Healing Services continues to offer treatments that target transformative empowerment through inner discovery. Effective for those with consistently low moods, stress, and anxious thoughts, her team combines psychotherapy with other science-backed techniques to enact positive change.

One prior patient remarked: "Having an intelligent, insightful, kind, and loving therapist who is strong, supportive and clearly gifted allowed me to open up and feel safe. I learned change is possible when I surrender to the process. I was able to make changes in my life I've always thought about doing. I feel emotionally free and more present in my life."

Schedules for ketamine-assisted therapy and other options are arranged via Shakti Therapy & Healing Services' official website.

Interested parties in and around Hermosa Beach can find further details at: https://www.shaktitherapyhealing.com/ketamine-therapy

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