Hartford Long-Distance High-Rise Apartment Moving, New Decluttering Guide

Published November 8, 2023

Movers.com is launching new resources for Hartford high-rise apartment owners looking for long-distance moving. The company's pre-screened directory helps owners find licensed and certified movers in Hartford, and the decluttering guide is a practical resource to get rid of unnecessary stuff - and reduce moving costs.

The full guide can be found at https://www.movers.com/moving-guides/declutter-your-house-before-moving.html

With moving costs more than 20% higher than during pre-pandemic years, finding ways to stay on budget has become a priority for most homeowners. Decluttering is one of the most effective ways to cut long-distance moving costs, as movers will typically charge per weight, as opposed to local moves, where charging per hour is more common - and even then, fewer items to move means fewer hours required to do the job, explains the company.

The Movers.com guide to decluttering includes a comprehensive list of decluttering benefits. In addition to lower moving costs, decluttering also helps homeowners reduce packing time, earn extra cash by selling stuff they don't need, and enjoying a more spacious home.

To help homeowners declutter, the guide lists a series of essential questions to decide if an item is needed - these include recent use, price, current condition, and more.

Once all the items that need to be discarded have been identified, the report recommends bringing them in a single place for further organizing.

"You can gather all the items you want to throw in one room, like in the basement or garage, and further decide which items you would like to throw, sell, or donate," explains the report. "You will also identify which of your belongings are old, unused, or can be replaced. This will make you ready for the packing, cleaning, decluttering as well as downsizing process."

Readers will also find other decluttering tips, including a list of common kitchen items that are not needed when moving, tips to declutter one's living room, and a checklist of frequently sold objects.

For homeowners looking for reliable movers in Hartford, Movers.com has created a directory of pre-screened movers at https://www.movers.com/moving-companies/ct-connecticut/hartford/cheap-movers.html

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