Greenwich Village Diabetes-Friendly Restaurant, Egg-Free Vegan Menu Expanded

Published February 19, 2024

With diabetics having to be wary of both the heavy richness of much French cooking and the sugary moreishness of classic French desserts, Delice & Sarrasin is committed to plating up lighter and healthier alternatives that stay away from full-fat dairy products, eggs, refined sugar, and more.

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As 38.4 million people in the US now have diabetes, making up 11.6% of the population, Delice & Sarrasin believes it is imperative to cater to the needs of diners with diabetes. The restaurant states that diners with diabetes need not miss out on fine dining experiences or gourmet, chef-created food.

As such, they are pleased to now be an officially diabetes-friendly restaurant, and with the new additions they have made to their plant-based menu the restaurant's head chef, Yvette Caron, has focused closely on creating low-fat and nutritionally rich meals that still offer the same sumptuous tastes and textures of authentic French cooking.

One new highlight is their Oeuf Meurette a la Bourguignonne, which is a low-calorie and egg-free version of the iconic dish that features an artisan-made vegan poached "egg" with plant-based "bacon" and Parisian mushrooms.

Diners who would always have had to stay away from French classics like galettes and crepes can also enjoy Delice & Sarrasin's healthier buckwheat-based versions like their savory Mr Petrossian with vegan konjac smoked "salmon", plant-based "creme fraiche", avocado puree and dill, or their sweet La Francinette, with strawberries, melted dark chocolate and coconut whipped cream.

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Delice & Sarrasin has become well known for its upscale approach to healthy vegan dining and their kitchen team under head chef Yvette Caron is pleased to now be more accommodating to diners with diabetes and other health concerns.

A spokesperson for the plant-based bistro said, "Our family-run Manhattan restaurant is committed to creating a truly immersive plant-based dining experience where dedicated vegans, curious foodies, or simply someone seeking a taste of France in a compassionate and healthy way, can indulge in the rich heritage of French gastronomy."

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Delice & Sarrasin

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