Green Valley Solar Panel Maintenance & Sales Team Advice Newsletter Launched

Published May 15, 2024

The new newsletter, written by a local resident and solar panel enthusiast, is solely focused on solar energy in the region, and includes a 10-question guide for new subscribers - offering a list of topics to cover when dealing with salespeople in the local region.

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The newsletter was born from disenchantment with the state of the solar industry in the local area, with pushy salespeople who were discovered to be delivering 'half-truths' and even what Curtis, the newsletter creator, describes as 'bald-faced lies.'

The City of Tucson Climate Action Hub reports that 95% of buildings in the region are viable for solar panel installation, making Tucson a prime location for the adoption of renewable energy. However, the local community has expressed concerns about being approached by overly aggressive solar companies, leading to frustration and, in some cases, hesitation to explore solar options.

The Tucson Solar Insider newsletter is looking to address this by providing subscribers with data-backed insights into the solar industry, including the latest technology, equipment reviews, and tips for going through the sales process, helping readers make informed decisions and avoid potential scams.

When residents subscribe to the Tucson Solar Insider, they will receive regular email updates covering a wide range of solar-related topics. In addition to the latest industry news and product information, the newsletter will also include practical advice on how to handle interactions with solar companies, ensuring that local homeowners and businesses can make the most of the city's renewable energy potential.

To further support the goal of educating local residents, the Tucson Solar Insider website offers detailed guides, including a comprehensive breakdown of typical solar installation costs.

Curtis states: "I'm no expert, but I was the ship's Electrical Officer on the nation's finest nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS NIMITZ and I've become rather disappointed in what the solar industry is offering Tucson. Solar panel sharks are worse than used car clowns, which is exactly why I created the Tucson Solar Insider newsletter."

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