Gingivitis Quick Home Gum Care Treatments: Oral Hygiene Routine Guide Released

Published February 12, 2024

The release comes with Valleant looking to provide readers with effective treatment techniques that they can carry out themselves - without seeking costly dental care. As explained by its guide, gingivitis sufferers can see significant improvement within a short timeframe by carrying out these simple home remedies - albeit with consistency.

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As such, the new guide emphasizes that readers must maintain routines conducive to optimal oral hygiene in order to reduce gingivitis symptoms and prevent recurrences. As a multifaceted health resource, Valleant is positioned to advise on techniques spanning immediate oral care and lifestyle changes - targeting short and long-term care.

Valleant's guide points to the irritation and gum discomfort caused by gingivitis as major concerns for sufferers - with more severe consequences if left unchecked.

The guide elaborates: "It's important to address gingivitis promptly, as it can lead to much more serious gum diseases like periodontitis and potential tooth loss if left untreated. Fortunately, with swift and proper care, symptoms can often be reversed in approximately a week."

Since the condition is rooted in plaque buildup as a result of infrequent brushing and flossing, Valleant suggests that readers tackle their oral hygiene on an immediate basis. It offers advice on brushing techniques and regularity, advising that readers should combine twice-daily toothbrushing with flossing and mouthwash, targeting reduced plaque.

It then cites a range of lifestyle changes that can help to strengthen gums, naming vitamins C and K as part of a well-balanced diet that can prevent gum disease. Sugars are advised against - with the guide noting the negative impact of sweet treats with regards to oral health.

Along with other adjustments such as quitting smoking if applicable, Valleant says that dental procedures may be called for if readers fail to see improvement. Deep cleaning treatments can serve to meticulously attack accumulated plaque and bacteria - which is why its guide recommends seeking regular dental attention as a preventative measure.

As stated in the guide: "With rigorous oral hygiene and possibly a professional cleaning, it is possible for gingivitis symptoms to significantly diminish or even disappear within one week if the condition is not advanced."

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